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If we ban plastic bags, some dog owners ask, how will we scoop up after Fido? So let's give them better options.
Our top picks: the best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web
Our top picks: the best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web
Fracking Nemo: Fracking near the Great Barrier Reef could be damaging wildlife populations. Local fishermen are reporting lesions, spots, and other signs of disease on mud crabs and fish and say the outbreaks are hurting... read more >
Buzz kill: The killer whale is one of the most powerful predators in the world, but sometimes it’s no match for one very tiny foe: the mosquito. Two orcas, at two different SeaWorld locations, died after apparently catching... read more >
Green fatigue: In case you didn't notice, yesterday was Earth Day. Over the last 42 years, the day has sparked meaningful action on issues like air and water pollution, acid rain, and recycling, but as going green has... read more >
The question has dogged social movements that go by names like The Compact, Buy Nothing, and Small Is Beautiful: will reducing consumption cripple the economy? Bill McKibben, in his 2007 book Deep Economy, argues that less... read more >
Robots, rockets, and even marshmallow cannons besieged the White House yesterday, in an invasion of science orchestrated by the nation’s youth. More than 100 students from 45 states exhibited their innovative projects at the... read more >
What if our garbage system were smart enough to inform waste collectors, recyclers, and resellers what we've just tossed into it? We may be closer than you think.
A new survey commissioned by SC Johnson on American attitudes and behaviors with respect to the environment reveals that individuals feel as if they know more about the environment today than they did 20 years ago (yay). But... read more >
Patagonia has long been near the Alpine pinnacle of green-leaning businesses. The outdoor clothing company leads the way with eco-friendly offices, conscientious sourcing of materials, environmental campaigns, and its 1% for... read more >
New York City spends over $1 million a day exporting its trash. Other cities do the same, piling up costs and endangering citizens' health. But San Francisco and Austin have found a better way.
In the face of budget cutbacks to the city's e-waste recycling program, New Yorkers have to find other ways to recycle dangerous old electronics.
Still got a lot of holiday wrapping to do? Some tips for making your gift wrap fun and functional.  Gifts are best when they’re a surprise, and gift wrap does double duty as holiday decoration and surprise preserver. However... read more >
After more than a decade of blockbuster growth, U.S. bottled water sales dropped 6% this past year. Why? Because environmentally-minded consumers, urged on by their Mayors (in San Francisco, CA, Minneapolis, MN, and NYC, NY... read more >
In Part I of a two-part series, I speak with environmental lawyer M.C. Mehta about India's problems: acid rain causing the Taj Mahal to turn yellow, cities choked with congestion and car exhaust, and the slow death of the... read more >