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About Us

Mission Statement

OnEarth (pronounced "on earth," not "one earth") is a quarterly magazine and daily online publication of thought and opinion about the environment. It explores the contemporary environmental landscape through the lenses of science, public health, technology, culture, business, food, and politics. Our original, in-depth reporting examines the challenges that confront our earth and its inhabitants, and our expert analysis evaluates the most promising solutions.

In doing so, OnEarth harnesses the talents of the country’s most respected journalists, whose stories and analysis inform the national conversation about how to improve and protect our health, our communities, and our future. OnEarth is open to diverse points of view; the opinions expressed by the contributors and the editors are their own and not necessarily those of OnEarth's publisher, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Through its support of OnEarth, founded in 1979 as the Amicus Journal, NRDC is a leader in environmental journalism and plays an important role in informing public opinion and policy. In its reporting and editing, OnEarth adheres to a strict and transparent set of guidelines that assure its journalistic integrity.

Journalistic Values

OnEarth values accuracy and fairness above all other considerations. We rigorously fact-check our stories, and we solicit comment from all sides of an issue. If we get a fact wrong in the print magazine, we provide a correction in the next issue; if the error was in an online article, we make note of any correction on the web page on which the article appears.

The OnEarth Editorial Board consists of internal and external experts on the environment, as well as outside journalists. It is their responsibility to provide guidance on story ideas and topics and to critique the contents of OnEarth, both their substance and style, after publication.

OnEarth’s journalism operates independently from its parent institution, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Only the OnEarth editorial staff, its publisher (who is also NRDC’s director of communications), and OnEarth legal counsel can see content prior to publication. The exceptions to this rule are stories explicitly designated as NRDC-related content, such as "View from NRDC," "Dispatches," "Fieldwork," and "From NRDC."


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