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Tag: Sea Levels

The new documentary 'ThuleTuvalu' shows how global warming is transforming lives on opposite sides of the planet.
Containment efforts: As more than 100 leaked documents threaten to further discredit the industry-funded climate-denial machine, the Heartland Institute has threatened to sue journalists and bloggers for publishing the right... read more >
David Holland, a professor of mathematics and ocean-atmosphere science at New York University, has been looking for a better way to measure the flow of ice from land to sea.
 Scientists gather evidence from the bathtub-ring-like traces left by Earth’s oscillating oceans New evidence from caves in Majorca, Spain indicates that Earth’s natural climate cycles could have produced big, fast... read more >
 OnEarth Articles Editor George Black traveled through Bangladesh for this summer's cover story, The Gathering Storm. Hear more of Emily Voigt’s interview with Black about changing environmental and political climates... read more >
As global warming deepens its grip on the world, Bangladesh -- where tens of millions live just a few feet above sea level -- faces a grim prognosis. George Black, author of OnEarth Summer 08 cover story The Gathering Storm... read more >
Rich countries are responsible for global warming; poor countries like Bangladesh suffer the consequences. Unless we break that cycle, we could all be in trouble. A special report from the land of the rising tide.
One of the peculiarities of living in Venice is that people must bury their dead aboveground -- or rather above water.
Strolling along the beaches of North Carolina, geologist Orrin Pilkey ponders our bizarre desire to build houses that are going to be swept away by the sea