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Tag: Religion

Scientist and evangelical Christian Katharine Hayhoe has learned how to reconcile two belief systems that are often at odds in the bitter debate over climate change.
Buzz kill: The killer whale is one of the most powerful predators in the world, but sometimes it’s no match for one very tiny foe: the mosquito. Two orcas, at two different SeaWorld locations, died after apparently catching... read more >
That’s gotta sting: Scientists have long suspected that pesticides play a key role in colony collapse disorder -- the large-scale dieoff of honeybee colonies, which is threatening agriculture across the globe. New studies... read more >
Blue Marble II: NASA has released a sequel to the famous "Blue Marble" photo, taken aboard Apollo 17 in 1972. The space agency describes the new picture, which is a composite of images captured on January 4, 2012, as "the ... read more >
The Dominican sisters of Racine, Wisconsin, saw a need for better environmental education. So they bought a farm and started their next mission -- in the garden.
Environmentalism represents a set of values; a structure of guiding principles relating man to nature. At its core lies the concept of sustainability, an idea that relates to every aspect of human life and stands far above... read more >
The Holiday of Trees is big in Israel, but for American Jews, the celebration is just starting to catch on, reflecting a contemporary urge to live more harmoniously with the natural world.
Tramping across the Welsh hills, Nobel prizewinner Sir John Houghton tells us why faith may lead to salvation.