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Tag: Local Food

Think you know the current state of U.S. agriculture? Don’t go betting the farm until you’ve read this.
As we race toward the Next Big Sustainable Idea, it's worth pausing to check the rearview mirror.
A family that has been fishing Alaska’s wild waters for three generations is now shipping sockeye salmon to the heart of brownstone Brooklyn. Can it help save Bristol Bay?
How do you keep people fed after hurricanes, heat waves, and droughts? Diversify. Diversify. Diversify.
Our correspondent's visit to the world's largest wholesale food market got cut short by security guards. But she still uncovered a system that's stacked against local food and farmers.
In the new urban foodscape, New York farmers could revolutionize how millions of city dwellers eat.
Our agricultural policy used to be designed with farmers in mind. Then Big Ag took it over. Can it be won back?
Dubious diction: With North Carolina outlawing sea-level rise, climate-change-denying politicians from Virginia don't want to be out done. They are banishing the phrase "sea-level rise" from a state-commissioned... read more >
I don’t hide the fact that for me, gardening is (mostly) a means to an end: I like to cook, and I really like to cook things I’ve grown myself. I find it impossible to write about my garden without connecting the growing of... read more >
This month, the Heinz Family Foundation announced the recipients of its 17th annual Heinz Awards. Among the honorees are Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney, the co-founders of FoodCorps, highlighted by OnEarth in its fall issue.In... read more >
Editor’s note: Leda Meredith recently answered OnEarth’s questions about New York City’s crackdown on foragers. Today at 1 p.m. Eastern, she’s scheduled to appear on Martha Stewart Living Radio. (OnEarth asked the Central... read more >
Urban foraging guide Leda Meredith takes us on a tour of Brooklyn's Prospect Park and shows us what to pick for dinner.
Short on funds and got a taste for local food? Don't turn your nose up at what's growing down the street. Foraging for food in city parks and vacant lots is growing in popularity, and we've got lessons (and recipes!) from an expert.
Community supported fisheries are springing up along the East Coast, taking a nod from local agriculture. But what do you do when your fisherman catches too much cod?
To say I am disconnected from my food is an understatement. Root vegetables frighten me. A whole fresh squash makes about as much sense to me as cognitive neuroscience. Needless to say, I’m not really much of a cook. It’s... read more >
Produce Business magazine (March 2008) sent a team of 'mystery shoppers' into stores across the country to see whether retailers are complying with COOL (Country of Origin Legislation) and to see how shoppers feel about it (... read more >