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Tag: Infectious Disease

Climate change is bringing blood-sucking nightmares that can carry dengue and yellow fever to California.
Timber rattlesnakes help control the spread of Lyme disease. Too bad they’re endangered.
If we don't do something now, children will bear the brunt of the diseases, droughts, and disasters brought on by a warming planet.
As heat waves, hurricanes, and air pollution increase in a warming world, so will injuries and illnesses. In the first analysis of its kind, two public health scientists attempt to figure out what the economic cost will be. Opening bid: $14 billion.
A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that for the first time in more than 65 years, dengue fever has returned the continental United States, The New York Times is reporting this week: The... read more >
I was discussing the diagnosis with a friend. The raised, red bull's eye led to only one conclusion: he had to have Lyme disease. Our only hesitation was that it was early March, surprisingly early for ticks. The... read more >