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Tag: Composting

Massachusetts is banning businesses from dumping leftovers in landfills. So what’s the best alternative?
If we ban plastic bags, some dog owners ask, how will we scoop up after Fido? So let's give them better options.
Four #greenreads to enjoy as that near end-of-the-summer panic sets in.
Mayor Bloomberg recently announced an ambitious composting pilot program for the Big Apple. Will New Yorkers be able to deal with rotting food waste on the sidewalk?
Hint: It’s probably the wrong things -- because by focusing on recycling, we risk missing the bigger picture.
In one Pacific Northwest town, is the stench of recycling making the local residents sick?
Our top picks: today's best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web.
Environmentalists in the United States have long pushed to keep compostable organics -- yard waste, food scraps, paper and the like -- out of landfills. Diverting this material conserves landfill space; it avoids the... read more >
Curbing castaways: The Coast Guard has issued a rule requiring freighters coming into U.S. waters to keep their ballast water (and invasive species traveling in their hulls) to themselves. Ships must now install filters... read more >
"I think with worms it's like this: either people love it or they don't," according to Christine Datz-Romero, Executive Director of the Lower East Side Ecology Center, as she sums up the love-hate relationship New... read more >