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Tag: Chickens

When life hands you backyard chickens (yep, it's a trend), you make a lot of omelettes. But I'll skip on the roasted hen for now.
Our top picks: the best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web.
Our top picks: the best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web.
Take that, Phelps: Polar bears can swim wicked far -- like, 30 miles is easy, and 96 miles is common. One female bear tracked by a USGS study swam nearly 220 miles over 10 days. Such marathon aquatic skills will come in... read more >
Food fears: Worried about the new case of mad cow disease found in California earlier this week? Don’t be. There are plenty of food safety issues -- from E. coli to contaminated milk -- that should be much higher on your... read more >
Five greenreads to enjoy while constructing your maypole:Lee Van Der Voo in the New York Times on retirement plans for chickens: What do you do when your hen is too old to lay eggs but too much of a pet to eat for dinner?... read more >
I stop just shy of being a full-on paranoiac when it comes to industrially-produced meat. As I’ve written here before, I avoid fast food. My kids, to their great irritation, are banned from eating hamburgers in restaurants... read more >
Every year the U.S. poultry industry sheds up to 4.5 billion pounds of feathers, most of which head to landfills or are cooked down into feed for other animals. Why not turn the fluffy castoffs into environmentally friendlier plastics?