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Tag: Art

While politicians hem and haw, artists have accepted climate change as a solemn fact—and they’re steering the cultural conversation.
Our top picks: the best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web.
Who said pollution can't be art? Meet one New York City artist who's not afraid of painting with toxic palettes.
Our top picks: the best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web
So many fires, so little time: A forest fire that has already torched 28,000 acres continues to rage outside of Seattle. Making matters worse, because so many other fires are blazing in the West right now (see our Western... read more >
Halfsies: The manner in which oil and gas development could occur within the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska has been unclear for decades. Yesterday, the Department of the Interior settled on a plan, one that would keep... read more >
An unusual art project disperses birdsong across the borough, reminding some city dwellers of what they’ve lost -- and might one day regain.
Five greenreads to enjoy with your weekend pancakes (before your mad rush to the store to stockpile maple syrup): Linda Marsa in Discover on climate change’s assault on Australia: From floods and cyclones to droughts and... read more >
Opposites don’t always attract when it comes to relationships between artists and scientists. So PositiveFeedback is fostering collaborations between these professional circles with speed-dating and mixers scheduled near... read more >
Vermont-based painter Sally Linder uses her brushes to explore social and political topics. Now she’s turning her attention to climate change.
Cape Farewell sends artists and scientists on remote trips to witness the effects of global warming. Then the experience becomes art. A new exhibition in New York spotlights the results.
"My grandpa used to take me to thrift stores when I was a kid," Jenna Issacson Pfueller tells me, "because he got the senior discount." These trips with Grandpa Jack sparked lifelong fascination with thrift and secondhand... read more >
The finalists have names like City of the River and Streamlines. They're all visions for reconnecting the city of Minneapolis to the Mississippi riverfront.They come from the Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition, billed... read more >
Can you identify the fender, the exhaust pipe, the tire, and the driver's door in this picture?
Artists sift through huge mounds of garbage in San Francisco, aiming to create beauty where before there was only junk.
How much is 2.5 million gallons per day? Brooklyn artists use previously unseen hi-def video of the Gulf spill to provide some context for the massive flow of crude.