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Tag: Antibiotic Resistance

Who's to blame for the modern antibiotics crisis? It started with the same guys who invented Spam.
The president’s executive order is meant to address the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. So why doesn’t it tackle one of the main culprits: factory farms?
Morning, sunshine! Open your eyes and update your brain with these #greenreads.
Our top picks: today's environmental news and best #greenreads.
Drugs given to humans and livestock may be creating superbugs in nature.
Our top picks: today's environmental news and best #greenreads.
Nearly 300 people have fallen ill from a salmonella outbreak that includes drug-resistant strains, while federal disease investigators are off the job due to the government shutdown.
Battered by a blockbuster OnEarth investigation and hounded by federal court rulings, the FDA's reputation is reeling.
Instead of a meaningful effort to protect our health, the FDA offers us PR stunts.
The Food and Drug Administration has done everything in its power to prevent you from reading this post.
In what country is it legal for deadly salmonella to be in your food? Um, well, there may be others, but I am sure of only one, the United States. Bad joke, right? No, deadly serious. "In strict legal terms," Maryn... read more >
It was a holiday weekend, and I could hardly wait to get grilling. We had friends and family staying with us, and though that meant a couple of breakfasts and lunches, it was the dinner on Sunday --our July 4th picnic --... read more >
Unable to find a burger chain serving antibiotic-free beef, Hans Hess started his own. The founder of Elevation Burger tells us where he thinks the industry is headed.
I caught up the other day with Steven McDonnell, the CEO of Applegate Farms. He sells hot dogs and deli meats. When I buy sliced ham or turkey from the grocery store, I buy his, because none of the animals he sources for his... read more >
When my kids were growing up, I made sure to buy organic poultry, meat and dairy products for their meals. I prefer organic for a number of reasons, in particular that the non-therapeutic feeding of antibiotics to animals is... read more >