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Tag: Water Contamination

Hundreds of toxic chemicals fall off the EPA’s radar when they spill into our waterways.
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Concerns over health effects have grown in concert with the natural gas boom in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. And now, doctors are worried that they can't even legally tell their patients what might be wrong with them.
Containment efforts: As more than 100 leaked documents threaten to further discredit the industry-funded climate-denial machine, the Heartland Institute has threatened to sue journalists and bloggers for publishing the right... read more >
After reading the following news items, I’m thinking that investing in companies that make top-notch and easy-to-maintain water filtration equipment might be a good idea.Earlier this week Environmental Health News reported... read more >
Do you live in a climate-ready city? How prepared is your state for the challenges to health and the environment being caused by climate change-from the dangers of extreme heat and increased flooding to the spread of... read more >