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Tag: Rio Watch

There’s a saying in Portuguese, one of the few that I know: Mais ou Menos. It means more or less. Brazilians often use the phrase when you ask them how they’re doing. Mais ou Menos: Good, more or less. Looking back, with the... read more >
As Dr. Grace Augustine in Avatar, I played a scientist committed to studying and calling attention to the interconnectedness and dependence of the alien Na’vi people on the planet Pandora’s natural wonders. In my life I... read more >
For the most part, negotiators working on an overarching agreement at the Rio+20 Earth Summit are gray-haired bureaucrats and aging policy wonks who are so concerned about today's politics that they sometimes have a problem... read more >
Editor’s note: Correspondent Bob Keefe will provide agenda-setting tips and inside information for reporters and observers tracking the United Nations’ Rio+20 Earth Summit. Follow his dispatches and send him tips.“I just... read more >
On the eve of this month’s Rio+20 Earth Summit, NRDC’s co-founder and longtime president reflects on 40 years of international environmentalism.