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Tag: Cape Cod

Fifty years ago this week, the Beatles landed at JFK and toured the East Coast, sending Americans into a frenzy. Now another photogenic group—with its own fan club—has arrived.
Cape Spin, a documentary on the long, contentious battle over a wind energy project off New England's coast, plays today at the annual Environmental Film Festival in Washington, D.C. The fact that a film on Cape Wind exists... read more >
Running out: A special report published today looks at the inevitable resource crunch as the rapidly growing global middle class starts demanding Western levels of consumption. Call it "Peak Everything" as supplies of goods... read more >
My favorite tree (from a bit earlier in the year)When I agreed to do this blog on a weekly basis, I vowed that it wouldn’t be all rage and grumble. I wanted to mix in a little delight, too, to remember what I was fighting... read more >
From his “place apart” on Cape Cod to America's “national sacrifice zone” in the Gulf, our writer connects the dots and -- after much soul-searching -- throws his lot in with the wind turbines.
While I was in Concord last week I took a tour of some writers’ homes, a thrown-together affair that included staring up at Louisa May Alcott’s place, tromping on the hill behind Hawthorne’s, walking Thoreau’s backyard, and... read more >
As Hurricane Irene takes aim at the East Coast, with New York or New England possibly in its sights, I’m thinking back on the time that I witnessed the great 1635 hurricane that hit the Jamestown settlement and Massachusetts... read more >
Twenty years ago last week, I stood outside a low cement building in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod, and leaned into the 80 mph wind. Hurricane Bob had arrived, and a few hundred of us had piled into one of the more... read more >
For some, it was with a sense of relief that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar passed Cape Wind, the beleaguered offshore wind project on Cape Cod. For others, it was the latest in a drama that has lasted nearly a decade.... read more >
Julia Moskin has a good article in today's NY Times Dining section on the hardships of the cod industry -- what there is left of it -- and of efforts to restore the river herring runs on which this, and other, coastal fish... read more >
George Black reviews this new book by David Gessner