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A Not-So-Crazy Scheme for Solving Global Warming?


Emily Voigt talks with Columbia University earth scientist Wallace Broecker, co-author of Fixing Climate, the latest in a spate of books on the seemingly intractable problem of global warming. Broecker and his co-author Robert Kunzig embrace a techno-fix to carbon dioxide emissions that was pioneered by physicist Klaus Lackner. The plan: scrub CO2 from the atmosphere and bury it deep within the ground in liquid form.

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» Read review of Broecker and Kunzig's "Fixing Climate," from OnEarth's Spring 2008 issue. 

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Emily Voigt is a freelance writer and producer in New York. Her work has appeared in the science section of The New York Times and on "This American Life," among other places. She is the recipient of a Pulitzer Traveling Fellowship from the... READ MORE >

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