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Cattleman Todd Graham says the grizzly, Ursus arctos, is "part of the landscape, and one of the reasons we love working and living in this valley."
People, livestock, and a threatened predator are learning to get along in the new west.


Investors challenge energy companies to get real about global warming.
American hospitals are charter members of our throw-away society. How one small organization bucks the system -- and saves lives.
Glacial lakes pose a new peril as ice turns to water.
Why an obscure, three-inch rodent holds the future of the Endangered Species Act in its tiny paws -- a tale of science and politics.
Slip Into A Little Green Number Q & A: Running on Fumes A Snappy Comeback I'm Ready for My Close-Up Changing Business By Degrees
On September 5, a year after Hurricane Katrina tore through the Gulf of Mexico, Chevron announced to great fanfare the successful testing of a new oil well located 175 miles off the coast of New Orleans.
California enacts the toughest global warming law in all the land.
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