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Onearth Magazine: Spring 2014

Millions of pigs are crammed into overcrowded barns all across the state, being fattened for slaughter while breeding superbugs—all to feed China's growing appetite for Spam.
Local communities tend to get rattled when big energy shows up in small places—especially when the places are as beautiful as Montana's Rocky Mountain Front.
When a species approaches extinction, it may be time to take desperate measures—like mating brother with sister.
The folks at Isidore Recycling are very good at taking things apart. But they’re even better at putting broken things back together again.
As high-speed rail stalls in California, could the Lone Star State be poised to put the country’s first bullet train on track?
How ya gonna keep ’em down on the organic farm? By investing in them, says a veteran financial strategist.
Matthew Sturm has dedicated his career to sifting, scrutinizing, and saving the white stuff.
Invasive earthworms can't wriggle their way out of the blame for destroying our forest topsoil.
Scientists are tapping into the secret wisdom of trees—even when they don't know what they're looking for.
The family farm creates a deep attachment to the land. But it can also lead to a guilty conscience.
For most of the world's population, climate change means nothing but trouble. For a few, it means laughing all the way to the bank.
Thanks to Tyson Foods, selling meat on the cheap brings big money—especially when farmers have to shoulder all the risk.