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Top 10 Ads of the Fake Shell Oil Campaign

image of melissa mahony

The Yes Men, that group of tree-hugging pranksters that enjoys embarrassing misbehaving corporations, has done it again. Their target this time? Shell Oil Company. The ruse involved a video that went viral last Friday, a fake "Arctic Ready" website, and a social media campaign -- ostensibly organized by the Shell marketing team, but really a product of The Yes Men and Greenpeace. They encouraged people to write advertising slogans to accompany picturesque Arctic backdrops -- except of course, the crowd-sourced keyboards belonged to polar bear sympathizers, rather than the drill-baby-drill set.

While a genuine PR disaster for the oil giant would have been funnier, the imposters’ campaign did generate a few well-deserved chuckles. Here are some of my favorites:

image of melissa mahony
Melissa Mahony is's senior editor. She previously worked at Wildlife Conservation magazine, blogged about energy for SmartPlanet, and has written for many publications about science and the environment.
I love the Yes Men! And I'm so glad they are going after Shell again, especially in light of the Arctic drill disaster waiting to happen. The Yes Men previously held a fake press conference in which they pretended Shell Oil apologized for human rights violations in the Niger Delta. The fake ads are great, with a bizarre combination of funny and sadness. I can't wait to view the video!