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PHOTOS: Moon Bear Rescue

image of Barry Yeoman

Across China and Vietnam, thousands of endangered black bears -- known as "moon bears" for their distinctive chest markings -- live locked up behind bars, where their gall bladders are drained for a liquid prized by Traditional Chinese Medicine. (See "Moon Bears in Distress, All for the Love of Bile.") At Animals Asia's Moon Bear Rescue Center outside Chengdu, China, freed bears receive medical treatment and sanctuary. Because of the damage done at the bile farms, they can never return to the wild.

image of Barry Yeoman
Barry Yeoman is a freelance journalist based in Durham, North Carolina. In addition to OnEarth, his work has appeared in Discover; O, The Oprah Magazine; AARP The Magazine; and Audubon. His web site is
The bear with the severed paw is so precious and pitiful. Thanks for these photos.
More people need to be made aware of this horrific practice which is happening all across Asia. I think they should take the bear bile farmers and put THEM in those hideous cages and see if they like it! Something tells me they wouldn't! :o)
Thank you for your article. As an animal advocate for 25 years, the bear bile industry is the worst cruelty I have encountered, and I live in the US with the factory farms!