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living green

One writer imagines a consumer world where the hot "brand' is made up of already-owned items.
One man fesses up to his tortured relationship with his cool ultralight hiking gear.
Forget souping up your car to look cool or ride fast: eco-modders are hell-bent on energy independence.
A longtime urban biker finds the culture around him has shifted, in a way that’s (mostly) good.
A new dad plants the seeds of home -- and connects to his past -- with a backyard vegetable garden.
Even trailer homes and power lines cannot interfere with the profound solace of birding.
One writer returns to her alma mater to see how environmental education is reshaping the way high school students think about the world around them.
Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown tonight. Gefilte fish will be on the table for some Jewish families. Can an environmentally conscious cook make the recipe more sustainable without abandoning generations of family tradition?
Would you eat a meal with Gulf seafood on the menu? A former editor at Gourmet decides to throw a dinner party celebrating the Gulf Coast's cuisine -- after the oil spill.
The man who wrote Time's first cover story on global warming looks at climate coverage now.
Add up the losses throughout the food chain, and Americans, on average, waste 1,400 calories a day per person, or about two full meals.
It's harvest time in California's Napa Valley, and the rows of vines that line the meandering Silverado Trail are laden with fat, lush clusters of grapes.
A so-called nature writer takes a look at the new literature (and theater) of a changing climate.
Now hiring: how union workers and poor communities will benefit from the renewable-energy economy.
In Boulder, Colorado (where else?), one family plugs into the future and a supersmart grid.
What's a guy got to do for a cold brew that's eco-lite? Plant some hops and wait.