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Mother Nature is brilliant..and those that copy her are very smart as well. Only consumers have the power to change the world!
Thanks for the well stated case for our real economic situation. The ongoing propaganda that the economy is going to "recover" and everything is going to be "fixed" if we just get out there and spend on Black Friday is insane. Our leaders seem to have lost the concept of income. Virtual reality has taken over. Maybe we can all live on iburgers. Mean while all that energy is out there for us while we continue to live in a fossil fuel dark age. DOE has touted the enormously positive effect of reflective coatings on roof and pavement surfaces. Rather than reflect that energy back in to the atmosphere where it is increasingly effected by GHG, in many instances photosynthetic shading can intercept that radiation and store it as chemical energy as it sequesters CO2 in the process. Climbing vines assume the shape of their support system. Here at Enoch's Berry Farm, we are working on systems that use climbing vines to shade our work and living spaces. Everyone south of I-40 can use more shade to cut A/C demand. We have photos of our projects at Our goal is to plant the idea as this is a low tech/high return endeavor that people can do for themselves. SUNSHINE IS THE ONLY INCOME WE'VE GOT.
Thanks for the Comment Aubrey, looks like you've got a great site there, and yes, climbing vines are an ancient Mediterranean strategy for cooling roofs and shading patios. Just be careful the vines don't eat through your roofing and cause leaks!