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Opinions and observations from environmental experts, activists, and luminaries
Keep it up! No fracking way do we want to compromise our water supply in exchange for this dangerous process known as fracking. There are sustainable technologies for energy, we can use those which will give us years of clean power instead of relying on these destructive methods. When will we learn!
All Americans want clean-drinking water and that is something we can not compromise on as concerned citizens. At the same time, the Marcellus Shale gas in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia is likely to become the world's largest deposit of natural gas (currently it ranks as second largest). Either way, this domestic natural resource will provide American jobs, tax revenue and most importantly, American independence from foreign oil. So it will be important for us to tap this resource responsibily. At the same time, the media and other politically motivated enterprises have a responsibility to speak to the facts on the shale gas opportunity and not distort facts without researching the data. Hydraulic fracturing is largely misunderstood by the average American simply because the industry hasn't educated the public on the process and the facts. Once you research and see the process used by the gas drillers, you come to learn that this regulated process (the permitting process in Pennsylvania is well documented)focuses on protecting the ground water acquifer. There are several layers of steel castings and cement that the drilling companies use to protect the acquifer during the entire process. The implication that they are not following a proven process that protects our water resources is simply dangerous and irresponsible. A short video at is a good summary of the fracturing process. I suggest that before you spread negative comments about this great American opportunity that could spare our children and grand-children from reliance from foreign (and dirty) oil, you take the time to be objective and learn more about how the natural gas industry and hydrualic fracturing. God Bless.
This problem wouldn't be a problem if each one of us would reel in our own consumption. Why wait for laws to change our daily living habits which are compromising the earth? Laws take too much time. We can change minds over night by setting prime examples. I now drive a scooter, I do not have a car. Prime Example. I heat up water as needed, I do not have a hot water heater. Prime Example. I only wash clothes that are really dirty and I wash them by hand. Prime Example. Of course, I hang the laundry to dry. Prime Examples are more fun than the follow the- herd- ways, too. Until we make the necessary personal adjustments to the way WE live, we shall feel helpless and the earth will continue to be exploited. If WE do without, Earth will do well. It may sound like insane sacrifices but in all honesty, it's fun; it's more like being a kid again.........