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Tuesday April 17 at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, Van Jones will appear live and talk about his new book and future.
The Tea Party and Occupy are aspects of the same disaffection. Peak Oil, Climate Change and Debt are civilization killers created by Federal policy. All acts of government are the acts of interested men. The Constitution framed the House of Representatives to be democracy, "the aggregated wisdom of all of us is wiser than the wisest of us in choosing between choices." The Senate, representing States and minority views that might influence at State, was to frame Federal choices. The 17th Amendment substituted Special Interests for the States in framing our choices. In the crisis of mobilizing to fight World War I, Special Interests used Federal policy to monopolize/socialize communications, power and transport infrastructures as "natural monopolies." A century of rotary telephones, coal, oil, automobiles and highways. Cost of wars to protect foreign oil and pollution are socialized into national debt instead of capitalized into the costs of use oil and coal. America was founded and existed for most of her history powered within a solar budget. Federal policy replace self-reliance with oil as the life-blood of our economy. At the slow pace of oil field depletion, Americans are suffering from the unfolding of oil's Potato Famine; monolithic dependence on a source of energy 60% outside our control. We will continue to suffer until we capitalize all costs into use and reestablish our self-reliance.
I haven't had the opportunity to read the latest book from Van Jones. If it is anything like his best-selling one, "The Green Collar Economy," it leaves a lot to be desired. Ideas like his, though no doubt delivered with the best intentions, don't hold water. The time is long gone when anyone should take them at face value, without reflection and serious analysis. Here is the review of his other book from 2008 first published in Crosslands Bulletin: