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The over-exposure to certain chemicals, many of which protection agencies ignorantly or mischievously do not designate as dangerous, is an issue that deserves more attention, so I thank you for the article. My biggest fear is the amount of new chemicals that enter into our environment yearly that we have zero knowledge of concerning how they might impact all life, only to later learn the true consequences. A world-wide policy change in the ways newly developed chemicals enter the environment is needed.
I'm a leukemia survivor currently taking Gleevec. I thought your article was well written and that it was refreshing to read something that addresses that we've been led to believe that someone out there is protecting us from all of the harmful elements (FDA/EPA/...), but the fact is that they can only do so much, and in some cases don't do enough. Take aspartame for instance. I was a heavy consumer of diet drinks for over four years. Aspartame has been linked to leukemia in rats and the type of leukemia I have is not commonly found in people of my age group. It's in everything we consume - from yogurt to gum to sugar-free beverages. I've cut it out completely and am still ticking along thanks to Gleevec.