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Gagging local people from speaking out about fracking fears goes against our rights as US citizens. The actions of local group Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy and of NRDC to sue the Sanford town board are necessary to reclaim our rights. Fracking is known from an overwhelming number of scientist, engineer and physician's reports to cause grave public health problems that may lead to a crisis in our communities in NY. We do have a ban - that ban is on fracking in NY, not on talking about the issue. As a geneticist and a parent, I am very concerned over risks of fracking to us and future generations. The debate must continue.
Don't you understand? My desire for cheap gasoline trumps your grandchildren's desire for drinkable water!
Look at the look on those soldout guys - I think they know they are wronging the people. Sing it out Catskill Citizens ...80 tons of co2 per well, ice caps melting, climate hell, for all the kids that love to live, shout, march, or souls we sell, fracking gasholes, we know you know, for a thousand years, they really blow... [ from the *Fracking Gasholes* song: ]