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Just went out to Panic's this morning. Good thing I didn't have an open cut! Thanks for the heads up; I'll be more vigilant next time. But then again, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

Fine article Mindy! As a regular surfer at Diamond Head I appreciate not only the warnings but also what we can do as individuals to help keep the surf clean.

Hey Mindy, Mahalo and thanks for the input on the messes for the masses.
My germ-stories: Although I've not picked up a bug or a staph hitchhiker when surfing in the Islands, I've gotten some nasty and lingering strep and staph coral cuts on my feet, ankles and legs in Mexico's grungy Pacific and around Florida breaks, near river mouths usually. When traveling for waves to Thailand, Bali and Indo, Malaysia, to scuba and surf spots like Kuta, Koh Pi Pi, the Parenthian Islands, and around, I even got my upgrade three-shot booster cocktail from the health department for tetanus, typhoid and Hep A,B and C, and still got a little flesh-gobbling wound that required some sophisticated medical attention. One time, some Malaysian Angel-lady came up to my surfin' travelin' GF and dusted her just-cut foot (bumped an innocuous beachrock) with some sulfa powder as we were just strolling on the sand after breakfast, just out of no-where! The locals know what to do and right away, thank goodness. Almost horror story: I went completely "deaf" one rainy season, after surfing the Newport Beach, CA rivermouth, from out-fall bacteria swarming there. Took a month of antibiotics to clear my head and get my hearing back. It really snuck up on me, so a word of advice to other watermen who may have even little cuts that are toooo red and not going away, or if your sensitivity to sounds (like gradually missing the morning jungle chirping and rain drops in your life's ambiance) be sure to get to the clinic for a lab test (docs just take a "swab" of the cut and plate it out for about a week), and always take the whole course of antibiotics they give you, so you don't contribute to the drug-resistance of these gnarly bacteria, like the "MRSA" bug in the hospitals. Thanks for the warnings and solutions!