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An insider's guide to environmental politics in Washington
the public comments on this project made by the Sierra Club are all good points. The administration request for a review process should also include the other issues raised by this group. The environmental assessment posted in the State Department website is good and allows the public to investigate areas of concern...for me there are a couple of areas of this project that requires more in depth information: 1) Engineering Controls to avoid a mishap and the Emergency Response Plan. The product/process life cycle safety management plan should be revealed for public comments. For example: The steel for the pipes is being purchased from a foreign source- is the manufacturer of pipes conducting manufacturing audits by our engineers of the steel mill process or just providing steel metallurgical specs and relying on quality control certifications conducted by inspectors instead of engineers. Impurities in steel and deviations from the alloy formulation can impact the amount of stress points created during the bending operation to form the pipes. As part of the process of making these pipes, grinding is conducted to create a surface roughness deep enough for the epoxy fusion to "stick" to the surface of the steel to improve corrosion resistance. One potential at risk condition is that if the inspection of the interior/exterior of the pipe misses surface defects, like surface cracks, they will be "erase" from being detected later on by the grinding operation people that follows, but still be there. Expectations for how long it should take to have people engage on controlling and cleaning a spill anywhere in the pipeline should be specified and tested by regulatory agency.