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Stop the carbon dioxide . We need our OCEAN
Don't you mean stop the HUMANS?!?
It's not necessary to "stop the HUMANS" but rather just to stop human generated CO2, since is anthropogenic CO2 that is overloading nature's ability to re-absorb that which is naturally produced.
We have already emitted 500+ billion tons of carbon and will emit another 300 billion tons in the next 30 years. If the PETM resulted from 2100 billion tons of carbon we will be almost halfway there pretty soon.In 1950 there were 2.5 billion people and on average we emitted about 2 tons CO2 each per year, there are currently 7 billion people and on average we emit 4 tons each. In short we have a population problem as well as a consumption problem, in order to reduce total emissions to 1950's levels each human on earth would need to reduce their individual contribution to less than one ton of CO2. That's the bar