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I like your article but we need to close the loop and bring the issue of "food safety" back to the root cause that you started with -- the increased production of animals in dense, confined spaces -- and connect that not to limited "protein availability" in developing countries, but to the fact that most livestock in developing countries is being grown for consumption by developed countries. The H1N1 virus, for example, started in Mexico on an industrial pig factory (they are no longer farms), which was raising pork for the U.S., not Mexico. Indeed the developing world may be struggling with limited food availability, but the unacceptably high rate of consumption by the U.S. and Europe is not helping matters - we are in effect stealing food (and other resources for that matter) from the developing world, and threatening human health, food security, the health of the environment, etc. by doing so.
Do you think extolling the 'virtue' of greed mongering leads inevitably to a consumptive state of being among the greedy? Or is there no such thing as "too much" for the self-proclaimed masters of the universe among us?
All I do know is being a resident of Michigan, I know that our state does raise n butcher a whole bunch. But the way our economy and the state our weather is in. It's starting to take toll on the way our farmers are able to even care for our farms. The big mistake that we could of ever of done is allow these out of the border countries n islands that are having rise in diseases and out of our ordinary sickness that is being more n more contracted to us even if it were airborne n we mostly depend on the food we consume. The way that this economy has us with the stress n the depression we've had to thrive through a lot of the time increases our food needs and intake which is making our intake more prone to these sicknesses and then when we are getting these sicknesses we have to depend on the food were told that can better us all n like when I read this I wonder what I could even trust to eat to strengthen any of us? It just seems like the govt. Is allowing these things to happen. Then I'd love to know how a 28 yr old as myself with two small children how could one like myself get healthy again when I know some kind of sickness hit our own family n since has had me and my husband along with our little ones we can't get better n how could we even start when it seems like they are even taking the most from our insurances. Our dental n overall health is what,we need to take on these huge impacts on our planet n the more healthier we are we could do more for our country to not be in the loop of worry and fear like these other striving countries. But allowing these sicknesses will only allow what we fear become our reality and its a huge fact we could eliminate from the equation so we can try to succeed to the fullest. But taking the school budgets and the already hard to get scholarships or increasing our only ways to pay for schooling n a young mother such as myself already on the state to insure,feed and even house our children even if it be a trailer in a on going problem community. My daughters school is a great relief so far because the outlined area surrounding our home is all million dollar homes. But the way its just been released from our new governor its taken what we had left n makes me wonder if taking what money our surrounding farms n big homes had n cutting pay to those families then losing their lands n property how will the only succeeding elementary pay to keep the best principal n teachers that put so much goodness in our little ones minds to start as early as possible to help our kids understand the importance of our earth n the cycles of our food chain and the importance our surrounding world is to learn about and find alternatives to begin to help any of us and their generation which the earth needs to have to proceed our generations to finding our problems n recognizing their impurities to fulfill what's to our importance. It's become such a problem that all we've feared has taken its toll n I am well overwhelmed if also cutting pay to 911 services how overcoming people losing their minds and every time we turn on our tv or radio people are losing their minds n it was the best intentions of the govts. to instead take down all these peoples hopes wasting years while theres no stopping all from being abnormal which so far medicine has controlled a huge amount of depressed n stressed individuals but taking what's left which is on the brim of not well aware that with no money we won't have ways to live or learn or accomplish. Instead we will eventually learn when it all hits home n the cuts for police officers n doctors there won't be any way to overcome most of it especially the big majority of us trying to raise the right generation which is my children that I want to enjoy mother nature and not fear so much that I know could possibly kill their abilities. But already what our country has done is make so many mistakes that our gen. Without thinking about our children's well being first instead of money on what huge amounts of smarts they will need to dig our world n most of all our surrounding economies out of. I haven't even seen my daughter really have the fun childhood I learned my grandparents had and my parents and I had. They are expected to grow so quickly n learn so early that they don't get to enjoy the world n what its offered to so many past generations which I see how bad my kids look at me and just want to be a kid. But my adhd third grader is struggling n she is overwelmed by all the things happening to our cultural surrounding countries and the bad things happening in surrounding states n too close to home which would scare any child. But how could all these problems be on a child that finally is starting to even be afraid to even go to school n me n other parents just keep sayin to do her best n just try to avoid it. But someone knowing the stuff that's going on n being put on these kids howare any of these issues going to get better? How could we avoid putting so much on these kids which are to raise our future children n farmlands. How can all these issues just waiting to make us sick or take over our lives n world be taken more serious n make so many at the top who could n can help or change what's rising who is n could be responsible to help avoid all that is already threats which become issues n then the issues arising to problems to just keep on n on until theres no way to fix what earlier was just a threat. I know there's ways to eliminate or stop these affects n until someone higher than myself could bring these huge testimonials which there's more to each issue I covered to the attentions of those that has put us in this situation n try to avoid further of a more deeper problem which is already crawling out of its shell n about to over take any or everything we have left to hold on to or to even care about when there's nothing we could even hold onto that is ours n know the fear and everything we've worked so hard to have or have earned like so very many others depend on and sacrificed just to make it at all which could of ever been the worst to do or eventually try to overcome that is if they ever do n not lose what's left which it all could be life changing within an acute second so tell me what's not to fear? What that tonight dinner could be killing us then to nourish our potential well-being n inner strength? There is so many things that bug me n have even affected the way I've had to live n sometimes have all hit us n even our families n close friends. But the more n more I have to live this way the more I'm losing what faith I've had n all the hopes I had before having my children really has me thinking what was I even thinking to even want to make a family of my own when so much could take away what loving spirit I seen in my children's eyes the day I gave them both life and the days I seen them care for me at times I just couldn't overcome past sick times when they look at me n at two n three assure me being "ok" n "will get better" when I know all their purities are in for a ride n being their mother I'm so afraid for their overall life n the life changing take ons n the way they will have to sacrifice or learn to let go for the better to live or have to be so strong so I can at least be more accepting to their independence. Because isn't that any parents fear? But the only way I will start to even feel better is when I know all these bad doings are taken into consideration which is helping more n more which when finally closer to home starts to show improving possibilities then I will know or not fear as much as weve had to fear through these years til now. It's just so much could be better n brighter but the more the weather hits us all n the more our food chain becomes a chain losing link by link n the more our govt. Keeps allowing so much to slide through our borders whether it be our money or jobs or illegal immigrants that have more rights here than we do (i would love to see anything we allow them to do or have be in any of our cases in their territory) n not tax them which so much more money could be made to do to them what is done to us to pay daily expenses we do not even have. Because they are over powering us n out living our businesses and communities. So taken that they could even be the potential carriers of these outlandish diseases which if we just could be way more cautious of who were exposing to what areas we have left to build from to start our structured outlook. since our body is a good way to finish my statement then the only good way to start is from the inside to the outside of our country so then it could all come together more aware and stronger as a nation so so much could help our overall out look to others n the ones who depend on this country can trust what we once feared and what was once the problems affecting even the smallest to the biggest communities aren't so hard to finally take the first step then able us to keep taking each into consideration then for the govt. n others to look at us to fix what they already had on the back burner waiting to burn every dream when they had the tools n the ability right in their shiny black suit front pocket along with their hankies which only people like us know the true reason for carrying hankies because we don't wear them to show how much they match our fashionable look we don't know what that life is like because usually when we do get to look nice its to all these funerals n divorces n court hearings from being the victim of rising crime which the hankey has a use which wipes the tears of us who is the ones trying n trying the most and sacrificing all n everything we have at all these days which is way more abused n used which there's no way to replace what was once holding us at all up.when will they will see the real problems?when's the one day they have no options then what's our option?something has to be said or put above all because I just don't see any weaknesses I have or my little ones to try to overcome any of it. Or even these animals suffering then the people who put their whole heart n soul to try to save them n all that's left. It's just being in the dark n trying to figure all these things n more serious things out with no alerts or help or letting some that believe only war is our problem or issue would be at least showing its important or just work to stop so much from our dreams becoming one by one nightmares knowing we might have to accept the over border issues because they might be our only hope for help n that means we have to accept what comes with the territory. So I know theres a way to avoid stuff like that or we will be totally screwed! Now I said how bad some are off these days theres so much ruining my hopes n dreams and my children. But my only way was to do my part to say what's happening n what's going to happen n what could be avoided for our health n wellness but above all what is expected already of young children n how much harder its going to be n overall get.