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I'd like to correct a few factual errors. FDA has done nothing to prevent me or anyone else from reading this post. In fact, they published their decision in the Federal Register. FDA clearly explained in that notice and in previous notices it is definitely not "taking no action" as Mr. Estabrook states. In fact, they have chosen to accomplish their goals of eliminating subtherapeutic use and putting all antibiotic use under veterinary supervision by engaging with stakeholders because they believe it will be a faster and more efficient way to successfully get what they want. Mr. Estabrook quotes Mrs. Slaughter on "100,000 Americans die from bacterial infections acquired in the hospital." That number may or may not be accurate, but hospital acquired infections are just that -- you get them in the hospital, NOT from any use of antibiotics on the farm. Mr. Estabrook also quotes Mrs. Slaughter saying antibiotic use rose by 6.7 percent in 2010. He must have read on old press release on her website, because the current, corrected FDA data showed sales (not use) rose 1.3 percent, in line with the increased meat production that year.
If you're not a corporate apologist, maybe you can understand this. Microorganisms are very small and very numerous. And they travel very well. Hospital infections are not necessarily formed by mutations in place. Hospitals are a placed where microorganism have a hard time surviving, in part because they have effective medicines. When a microorganism develops the ability to resist a medicine, it gains a considerable advantage in hospitals. Subtherapeutic doses in the very large environment of domestic animals (think how many it takes to feed 331,000,000 people and export some too) is the kind of place statistically rare events (like mutation) take place. If you don't think germs ever get from hog pens and cattle stockyards to people who go to hospitals, think again.
Her point was that if the hospital-acquired diseases were not resistant to antibiotics, as they have become based on the overuse of antibiotics, the people sickened by these viruses might have been saved, as the antibiotics may have been effective rather than being completely useless.
"FDA has done nothing to prevent me or anyone else from reading this post. " - Poor choice of words. The FDA apparently took steps to minimize the number of taxpayers who would learn they had handed another plumb to industry (no, I did not mean a real plumb)
Could you please provide the Federal Register number? I was trying to find it online and my searches failed to find this particular announcement. Thanks.
What about this news just announced today?
It is indeed confusing! Here's our update: Basically, the FDA banned a very narrow class of antibiotics, but let Big Ag keep using most of them (while apparently trying to make it look like they were taking action to alleviate the broader concerns).
In my opinion, you would have to be crazy to eat any of the 'mass-produced' meat, poultry, and farmed fish produced in the United States. The 'factory farm' producers do not care about your health or the health of their animals. Per usual, all they really care about is MONEY. Same old story, sad to say...
Our livestock as you point out should be handled more humanely. I believe as the one up above pointed out the FDA means Frankenfoods, GMOs, irradiating, herbicides, pesticides, blood plasma, etc."ALL NATURAL". Yes, your Biblical Kosher and Organic Laws were cast out. Instead of healthy and life giving. It would help to have healthier Positive Mental Thought Process at the FDA instead of greed and drugs. Resonant Energy Technology proven at the University level decades ago would help in the Hospital, and on the Farm, non-toxic. So would Ozone. What is the FDAs problem with using Energetics to eliminate microbes and parasites. How many more will die because of the suppression of America's own proven scientists and the unlimited use of the Beam Ray?
I don't think we will be very happy with that. I don't see the need to continue to put antibiotics in livestock that will eventually end up in the food that we eat. Antibiotics are terrible for the immune system.



It never ceases to amaze some that the government just does not know what to do about downloading and when they think they do, they are usually wrong.