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Drilling under the lakes should be lifted. Here's just a few of the many reasons. Drilling under the lakes would be done from land (a process known as Directional and Horizontal drilling), not from off shore rigs like the travesty we have seen unfold in the Gulf of Mexico. Canada has succesfully drilled hundreds of oil and natural gas wells under Lakes Erie, St. Clair and Huron without major incidences or problems. Unlike BP's Deepwater Horizon, Michigan companies' BOP's (Blow out preventers)are required to be annually tested. On top of that, the BOP's are required to be double checked prior to penetrating zones of potential product. The producing formation would be hundreds to thousands of feet below the deepest point of the Lakes, so the Lakes wouldn't "drain", or possibly have oil seep into them because there is a "cap rock" or "structural trap" already keeping the oil from getting in the Lakes in the first place. Anyways, commercial and recreational boating cause more polution every year of the Great Lakes then there has ever been from the oil/gas industry.

volcano, you must work for the greedy oil industry. I think drilling under the Lakes should be a last resort. There are plenty of wells still being drilled in Michigan. Although it is odd to compare drilling in maybe a few hundred feet of water (Great Lakes)to drilling in +5,000'. If it is true that the wells would be drilled from shore, how close to teh Lakes would the wells be? On the beach, set back a couple hundred feet? Sport and recreation boating cause that much polution each year? Yikes!

BP is such a joke… they should all be arrested along with the US govt. How long ago did they cap the leak? And how many legitimate claims are still “pending” from damages they suffered back in the beginning of the summer? I happen to know three people that were affected directly by BP’s shady PR tactics and manipulation of our laws, one of whom was a journalist who was almost arrested and charged with felonies for taking pictures of oil covered animals near the coast. Not only is it bad enough that thousands of fishers’ lively hoods are ruined for god knows how many years to come, they were paid a pathetic amount of money to clean up BP’s own mess. To add even more insult to injury, BP used Corexit 9527, which contains mainly 2-butoxyethanol, which is very toxic. You wouldn’t have to be a scientist to know that, since in the first week of using it over 70 fisherman ended up at the hospital. Of course if you even inquired about this, I’m sure the govt (which is pretty much owned by oil companies) would deal with you quite quickly, let alone taking pictures of it in an attempt to run a story on it. If you didn’t know already, the govt is doing what they do best… crapping on the 1st amendment: My friend who almost got arrested on felony charges simply went out on a boat into about 30 feet of water and used a water proof cam to photograph one of the many oil plumes forming at the bottom of the surface (which BP vehemently denies). Now here comes the hilarious part. He switched the film in his camera with a blank one in the event they were stopped by police, which they were as soon as they got back to shore. They let him go but still took his name down, and what do you know... later that night, 2 guys wearing black hoodies attempted to break into his house. He caught pics of them on his home security system (he saved the pics… adt wireless camera break in photos). Hmm, I wonder who paid these guys to break in and what they were after? Definitely not BP or our govt, that’s for sure!