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The problem is when you say that the energy bill will save the average household $190 a year, you don't say what you really mean. You are hoping that when people read that they will think, "so if we pass this bill, I don't have to reduce my useage and my bill will go down $190? Cool." What you really mean is that people will have to DRASTICALLY reduce their consumption of electricity by RAISING rates. Therefore, using your logic, they will save money because their USEAGE will go down, not their actual rates. I'm all for conservation, but there comes a particular point where you are going crazy unplugging the TV everytime you leave the room so it isn't trickling the power, or only plug in the computer when you are ready to use it and unplug it immediately, You are talking major inconveniences here that people don't want to have their quality of life reduced by. Spell it out, just like Obama said, for this to work electricity rates will "have to skyrocket".

remember, most of us are stuck using older appliances because we can't afford to get electric cars, new refrigerators, solar panels, etc. We live in the real world.