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Americans in now way "rejected Drill Baby, Drill"... By 70 % , Americans want to DRILL off our own shores, on our own land , with nukes and coal and hydro and wind and solar ( all can be done environmentally)... Now that there have been 10 pirate attacks on tankers ( would not put past OPEC to instigate to raise prices) we need to DRILL HERE , DRILL NOW more than ever... SHEESH!!!!

Shortsighted. Thank you for your sadly misinformed comment and for reaffirming my resolve to support those who promote renewable energy and not just energy independence but independence from fossil fuels.

Maybe Bush will have some time to contemplate his failure to respect the will of the people while he's in jail for war crimes.

First of all. All you people who say Bush should have been impeached and now needs to be tried as a war cirminal need to think back to what I assume is your President Clinton. He cheated on his wife and lied to his country and his wife, all while in office. Impeached? No. Yet everyone kisses the ground he walks on. Enough said. Why cant we all set aside political differences and parties and do what is right for our country,land and people?
If we destroy our land it is a travesty; but so would running out of oil. It can all be done with a small "footprint".We CAN drill, and develope wind,thermal and nuclear energy. We have to continue to use oil until the technology of these others is sufficient.
If we continue to point fingers and use our "emotional energy" we will do nothing.

Jackfish is wrong. Drilling cannot be done without damaging the environment. One of the things that makes this country such a great place to live is the beauty of nature. And another thing: our country's natural beauty is a big draw for international tourists. If we lose our national and state parks, we will lose more than we can imagine. Can you picture the landscape of America looking like Iraq or one of those other desolate, bland, ugly terrains?

Just take a look at what is going on in Red Rock County. For those who love the red rock forests of Southern Utah or those that have never seen this awe inspiring place take a look at the following site for more links and information.Please get involved.
On the local level:
Save Our Unique Lands of Moab
(SOUL of Moab)
50 North Main Street
Moab, Utah 84532

I have discovered an unused source of clean energy that could provide enough energy to generate all of the electricity needs for the whole USA.
this source of energy is spread out all over the USA and would provide localized generation for some of the largest cities.
this process will have a lot of opposition from the big oil companies because it will redirect natural gas to be used as a transportation fuel providing USA with energy independence and a cleaner fuel source. plus enable electric vehicles providing the energy without putting a load on our grid.
if you are interested decreasing emmissions and breaking our dependence on foriegn oil then please reply to

I agree with Redford's letter that the public has spoken against "Drill Baby Drill" which is not unlike the destructiveness of the term's predecessor of "Burn Baby Burn".

Pulling more domestic oil out of the ground will not make oil cheaper, it will only make the domestic companies richer and will jeopardize or dwindling reserves.

The technology, though in its infancy is already available for renewable energy. Soy oil is now being rivaled by switch grass and other bio materials, being researched at Iowa State University. Engines are, and will be developed which will make petroleum based fuels obsolete.

It isn't time to continue on with the failed policies of the past, which make us dependent on the wills of other, less friendly nations, but of our own more creative solutions. Let us retool now and avoid the difficulties we have had in the past when we have failed to retool (read Detroit automakers in the 70's and 80's).

We are but stewards of the resources, which we manage. To date our management failures have created the mess in which we live.

For those who believe that environmentalists are nothing more than a group of alarmist I say, even if the research is wrong, we have the the ability to do it better and we should. The American Dream is not about "Just Doing It", but just doing it better. In this time of energy difficulties we need to do it better. As Ted Kennedy said of his brother Robert, Robert was a man who believed in the philosophy that, "Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not?"
If the environmentalists are wrong about global warming, etc. and we follow their lead it can and will be better. If we continue down the path we have embarked on without heeding the voices of protection and conservation, what planet will we be able to go to if the worst case scenario does occur?

Could someone please tell me why people want to destroy our planet. It's not like we can go and get another one. People that seem to be reasonable on most things, go nuts when it comes to environment. I live in Minnesota, and I'll probably never get to the Boundary Waters, but I'm sure glad it's there.

I've been searching for information about who to contact about this issue... Where do I go? Who do I contact? The BLM? My congressman?

Who do we contact to try to stop this from happening?

just saw redford on rachel maddow, thought i'd come here and see if there was a link to something we can all sign. can't find anything. i've written my congressman, senator and governor before, i get form letters back. if you want to show the people who are behind this how unpopular it is, maybe a simple click and sign petition is in order. something that could be forwarded to whoever can stop this in it's tracks.

Thanks to Robert Redford for giving a voice to all of us who have endured the Bush crimes of the past 8 years. This is a crime against Mother Nature as well as the American people. Without an earth to stand on, all other issues are irrelevant. For Christmas, I respectfully ask the worst president in history to leave Utah alone for all of us Americans to enjoy for all time. Selling off the beauty of our land for oil, is the worst kind of slash and burn tactics since Saddam Hussein. Mr. Bush you should be ashamed, but alas you have shown us again and again that you have no conscience. I beg all the wonderful Obama supporters to once again let our voice hyebe heard before the deadline of the first week of December, and contact your congressmen in your state and let them know that you want them to stop this environmental crime that he is trying to commit. Go to:
and let your state representatives know that YES WE CAN take our environment and our government back. WE all have voices that can join that of our HERO Robert Redford. Thanks to great Americans like him we may be able to help our new president Barach Obama stop Mr. Bush from harming us once again. Be silent no more!!

How do we stop it besides writing to our congressmen/women and senators? Is there a mass email to BLM or something?

Where is the petition to sign against this drill baby drill crap? I want to sign it. It has to be stopped before it gets started. Please someone send it to my email so I can pass it on to my 200 plus email contacts all of whom I know will sign against our current pres kicking us one more time as he is going down. I cannot wait until Jan 20 gets here. We ssssssssssssssooooooooooooooo NEED to lose this loser!

point by point, we all agree.
Now point by point how do we protest this on a national meaningful scale?

email signatures?
organized marches?

point by point.....

f m uitti

Idax: On impeachment: When Clinton lied nobody died!

Dear Jackfish - I'm sorry you are so misinformed and so shortsighted. Do you have children? grandchildren? do you ever think you might? then consider the world you will be leaving behind you when you die. Do you want a polluted wasteland - or a potential eden? The choice lies with each of us. If you drill into pristine lands they are ruined and toxic for all time. You can never restore virginity. "Drill, Baby, Drill" is a disgusting cry from disgusting philosophy - that of grab what you can and to hell with everyone else. Wake up before it's too late and fight this last stab in the American people's back as a very wrong-minded man leaves office.

I would appreciate any links to form letters and goverment contacts that you could provide. I am sure that many would be more than happy to add their names to petitions or mail their representatives in protest. Any information facilitating these actions would be appreciated.

Go to the link:

And start with this sample letter:

Please see to it that the BLM decision to lease land in Utah is stopped. I am referring to wilderness in eastern Utah proposed for oil and gas extraction. This was announced on Nov. 4th, while the country was distracted by the election.

Among the 360,000 acres to be auctioned for industrial development is pristine land near Canyonlands National Park, adjacent to Arches National Park and Dinosaur National Monument. This Christmas gift to the dirty fuel industry includes parts of Desolation Canyon, named in 1869 by the explorer John Wesley Powell, which has been proposed for national park status. In fact, the BLM itself described Desolation Canyon nine years ago as "a place where a visitor can experience true solitude -- where the forces of nature continue to shape the colorful, rugged landscape."

We voted to take control of our own destiny by breaking our addiction to dirty fuels. We voted to re-power America with clean energy from wind, solar and geothermal power. We voted to use of our greatest resource, American ingenuity, to build economic, energy and climate security, and to preserve our natural heritage.


Thank you.


We need to educate people like Jackfish that short term gain for drilling is like shooting one's self in the foot. We are talking about our resources that are IRREPLACABLE! I bet Jackfish wouldn't even get on his ATV to go and see some of these national treasures but maybe his children would! Stop BUSHIE!

I also would like to sign a petition in support of Robert Redford's very eloquent article and against shortsighted, destructive drilling of our environment. It amazes me there still exists that small minority of narrow-minded people who can't see the big picture and still want to drill and destroy the environment for short-term nonrenewable resources and limited profit. I've written to my politicians although in the past it takes them months to get around to reading anything - where's the petition to sign?

And let's impeach Bush and throw him in jail while we are at it. What a sleaze. How ridiculous of anyone to compare Clinton's personal and private indescretions with Bush's national anti-unconstitutional practices and international war crimes.

well, i've emailed the Obama campaign, my congressman, the BLM and the white house. what else can i do, short of going to utah and chaining myself to the land in question? any other petitions out there?

You must fax your protest letter to BLM, Utah by December 4th.

Here's how:

The BLM news release is at this URL:

Let your Representative know your thoughts about this:

Let your Senators know your thoughts about this:

Let the House of Representatives leadership know your thoughts about this:

Thanks to all of you who have commented here to find out how you can get involved, and very special thanks to those of you who have posted links to petitions and other orgs working on the issue. NRDC's western lands experts have been working on the ground to identify the most effective channel for messages opposing the latest plans to sell oil and gas drilling leases on Utah wildlands. You can take action now by going to NRDC's BioGems website and sending a message to the head of the Bureau of Land Management: Thanks again for all your support. Now pass this post along and let's beat this thing! -Ben Jervey Editor, Greenlight

From what I gather, there are already several acres of unused land that the oil companies own and the key is are NOT using. Why put efforts to leasing them more land and in such close proximity to the places that make America great and unique (natural beauty that can't ever be re-built or restored).

Thank you Mr. Redford for bringing this issue into the forefront. As a Wildlife Biologist for the BLM, I am troubled by government mineral leasing issues every day. Irreplaceable landscapes and wildlife habitats are being leased all over the west.

The BLM is tasked with managing about 13 percent of the total land surface of the United States, for the greatest public good. This means that if there is a need for mineral extraction, and the resources exist, the politics will dictate that the BLM will manage mineral extraction.

But the BLM has many other uses that it must manage for including recreation, wildlife, preserving nationally significant landscapes. The overall BLM motto is "multiple use", but some mistakenly think that means all uses should be allowed on every piece of ground. Many uses are simply incompatible with each other - obviously wilderness recreation and gas extraction cannot exist in the same area.

I am hoping the new administration will be more responsible in determining what lands can be sacrificed for energy production, and what areas need to be set aside as important wildlife habitat, historic settings, wilderness etc.

I am excited about the interest this post has generated. It is so important for groups like the NRDC to keep on top of the industry proposals on BLM lands, and get the environmental concerns documented during the planning process. I can tell you that the mineral industry gets their position heard unequivocally!

There is one point that worries me in the future. My problem is that so many people seem to think that huge windfarms, are a panacea. A wind farm definitely uses renewable energy, and does not contribute to air pollution, water contamination, or toxic waste - but that doesn't mean windfarms have no negative impacts.

For example, the newest windfarm proposal in Wyoming involves almost 1,000 turbines, spread over 90,000 acres. The turbines will stand over 400 feet tall at the apex of the blade! Each turbine will require a crowned and ditched road and will need continous access for operations and maintenance. The ground disturbance footprint of a windfarm, and the continuous human disruption required, is comparable to that of a 40-acre spaced gas field.

Most people do not understand that in the open areas of Wyoming, one can see a mountain range 80 miles away or more, and these huge windfarms are visible as much as 50 miles away. Therefore windfarms are not compatable with a quality wilderness experience. In fact, a windfarm actually can disturb a setting for a much longer distances than a lower profile gas field would.

Also, wildlife such as the sage-grouse (which are proposed for listing under the Endangered Species Act) will avoid areas with intensive human development; and they seem to have an extreme aversion to tall man made structures. In other words, unwise development of windfarms can contribute to wildlife declines, in similar ways as a gas field.

My main point is that energy conservation should be our first priority, not just building windfarms to sustain our wasteful ways. Unfortunately demand for USA produced gas is not going away anytime soon. It will take as many years to develop new windfarms on BLM lands as it will to develop new oil and gas leases.

We all have to keep up the fight to improve energy development management on our BLM public lands. I want to thank everyone who is interested enough to take action on these matters.

Please take the time to view our video and read more info for our story. We have witnessed that the technology we are living with has infiltrated our lives and environment without proper knowledge of the impact it has on our environment, wildlife, health and wellbeing. We do not have the trained experts to properly test, measure and diagnose in order to protect our global society.

If you wish to contact us,write us at


"I have no doubt in my mid that at the present time, the greatest
polluting element in the earth's environment is the proliferation of
electromagnetic fields.

I consider that to be far greater on a gloal scale, than warming, and
the increase in chemical elements in the environment."

Dr Robert O. Becker, M.D.
twice nominated for Nobel Prize of this research.