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Advice on health and home from NRDC's green living guru
I would love the opportunity to be able to thank Ms. Streep for her work and I'm glad she brought up Elizabeth Whelan and her malicious organization, the American Council on Science and Health. My health has been permanently and irreparably ruined due directly to Ms. Whelan's overturning a ban on the chemical that eventually injured me. Her organization works to discredit my illness and ensure there are no funds for its research, while working to make it difficult if not impossible to receive disability since I can no longer work. She truly epitomizes human evil.
Meryl Streep I thank you for making headway for us when our voices weren't recognized. You are an inspiration and help us feel as if we have something to offer when no one's listening.
We need more Eco Ambassadors like Meryl Streep to walk the path of Green Living and speak out about issues impacting Earth's children all across the globe. Thank you Meryl Streep for your good work and to Onearth for sharing this wonderful engaging piece with your fans! Here's to Wearin' the World!
As an employee of Whole Foods Market, I encourage Meryl to put in a signed suggestion next time she visits a WFM to open another location that's closer to her. Her optimal health should be a national priority.