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Jane Goodall and John Oliver Debate Putting Hats on Chimps
It's another day on Earth, and we've got something you just have to see.

We all know biologist Jane Goodall spent years of her youth living with chimpanzees in the forests of Tanzania. But did she ever try to put a monocle and top hat on one of them? Comedian John Oliver—never one to shy away from the tough questions—got to the bottom of wild primate behavior in his interview with one of conservation’s favorite ladies. For over 50 years, Goodall’s chimpanzee research has helped us protect and respect our closest animal relatives, which now number fewer than 200,000 in the wild. That represents a 50-percent decline since Goodall started her work in 1960. You would need tons of patience to cohabitate with apes and deep reserves of strength to fight against poaching and habitat loss, but something tells us that Jane’s biggest asset in her work might be her sense of humor.

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