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The Closer's Biggest Role

NRDC Teams Up with Kyra Sedgwick

On the TNT series The Closer, Kyra Sedgwick plays a police detective who draws confessions from suspects to close a case. Off the set, Sedgwick is equally relentless in pursuit of justice for an ailing planet. The long-time NRDC member and Golden Globe winner recently shot a series of public service announcements promoting clean energy and other solutions to climate change. In one of the spots, produced in conjunction with the NRDC Action Fund, Sedgwick alludes to her famous actor-husband: "We may all be six degrees from Kevin Bacon," she says, "but we're only two degrees from global warming." Behind the scenes, Sedgwick helped green the set of The Closer, where you'll find biofuel generators, reusable water containers, and compact fluorescent lightbulbs. The actress's commitment to a sustainable future is closely linked to her other role: a mother of two. "There's no single more important job that we have as parents right now than to become involved in the environmental movement and to be personally responsible for the future," Sedgwick says. To view these spots, head online to or

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