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The Food and Drug Administration, the federal agency charged with protecting our health, is a miserable failure.
The Food and Drug Administration is supposed to keep us safe. But the egregious influence of industry lobbyists, a lack of rigorous scientific testing of the food supply, and an unwillingness to punish those who put our health at risk add up to a picture of an agency that is conspicuously failing to do its job.


Air Apparent
What we know about rising concentrations of atmospheric CO2 is largely due to Dave Keeling. Now his son Ralph is taking our understanding of climate change to the next level.
Flying the Friendlier Skies
The number of airline passengers will double worldwide in the next two decades. Fortunately, a new generation of cleaner, greener airports and planes is on the drawing board.
Buried Treasure
Our craving for gold appears to know no bounds. As giant mines proliferate in the developing world, the result is not only environmental devastation but increasingly violent conflict.
I Thought We Had Such Chemistry
New (and safer) insecticides can thwart crop-destroying pests by sexually frustrating them to death. And taking a cold shower won’t make a bit of difference.
Q&A: Paradigm Lost Smoking Them Out Frontlines Winter 2013
Making Degrade
Imagine a world in which electronics were designed to be biodegradable -- think of it as creative self-destruction.
Bipolar Disorder
Mention melting ice, and most of us think of the Arctic. But the magical web of life at the opposite end of the planet is also at risk.
Desert Air Boom, Bust, Boom Walkable City
Under Repair, Forever
Geoengineering sounds like something from a science fiction novel, but we actually do it every day.
The richest thoughts about nature come in slow, leisurely fashion. Try expressing them in 140 characters.
There’s only one thing that can give Coloradans a true Rocky Mountain High: snow.