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"The ocean is our blind spot: a deep, dark, distant, and complex realm covering 70.8 percent of Earth's surface. We have better maps of Mars than of our own sea floor." Photo illustration by Tia Magallon
Ever since the first humans gazed, awed, out to sea, we have held certain truths to be self-evident: that the ocean is infinite, inexhaustible, boundlessly tolerant of whatever abuse we may hurl at it. Wrong. The ocean is much more fragile than we ever realized, and a new vision of its future is long overdue. The clock is ticking.


India Calling
What if corporate executives and unschooled women in remote villages could join forces to change the world? In India, that may be happening -- thanks to the cell phone.
In-Flight Safety Information
Everyone wants wind farms. The only problem is that they kill lots of birds and bats. Here are some ideas for getting clean energy without the carnage.
Not a Drop To Drink
The rich farmlands of California's Central Valley are nourished by billions of gallons of pure H2O. Yet those who toil in the fields can't drink the tainted water from their own faucets.
The Latest Buzz on Bees
A beekeeper's discovery could help save our bees from a massive dieoff.
Q&A: Number CruncherMoving the Goalposts Frontlines Spring 2012
The Synthesist
The data trail from our cell phones contains a treasure trove of digital information. Some of it could be lifesaving.
Living Green
One man fesses up to his tortured relationship with his cool ultralight hiking gear.
Going eyeball-to-eyeball with an elephant is a reminder that what is wondrous can also be terrifying.