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Most of our urban food supply is trucked or flown in from thousands of miles away. Family farmers like Ingimundur Kjarval, who raises livestock in upstate New York, would love to provide an alternative.
Our eating choices -- what we buy, where we buy it, how much it costs -- are largely dictated by monolithic, heavily subsidized agribusiness concerns. Producers of local food, meanwhile, have struggled to connect to a mass market. Now, in New York City, the rudiments of a new and healthier food system may be emerging.


True Believer
Scientist and evangelical Christian Katharine Hayhoe has learned how to reconcile two belief systems that are often at odds in the bitter debate over climate change.
Insert Pipeline Here
Canada's blind rush to become a fossil fuel superpower menaces not only wild lands and native peoples but the very fabric of the country's democracy.
Common Sense In Kansas
Sometimes an argument at the family dinner table can have a surprising outcome. In this case it was a visionary plan for bringing renewable energy to the Great Plains.
Welcome to Researchville, Pop. 0
What good is a city filled with buildings, infrastructure, even robots -- but no people? If you're testing cutting-edge green technologies, there's no better place to be.
Q&A: Truth to Power Where OnEarth: American Idyll She's Never Giving Up Frontlines Fall 2012
The Synthesist
There are countless things we must still learn about the millions of creatures on earth -- including where the heck they all live.
A World for Sale
Billionaire investors, in a global land grab, are turning vast tracts of forest and grassland into plantations for export crops.
Full Body Burden: Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats Eat the City Spotlight: The Human Quest From Our Contributors: My American Revolution
Think Again
In an era of mass extinction, are conservationists fighting to protect the wrong species?
Everyone loves wild, natural places. But wait -- how many of them are truly wild and natural?