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Lorelei Oviatt sees this hillside in Kern County’s Tehachapi Range as a great example of a profitable wind farm.
Kern County, California, went Republican by 18 points in the last election. Now it's captivated by wind and solar power. Here's why.


How one car maker's engineering ingenuity and dedication to efficiency blazed a trail to the 21st century.
One woman's quest to become the world's leading expert on a bug.
Exploring New York's urban secrets.
It seemed simple, how I found myself at the Watering Hole lounge in Sebring, Florida, beside the cage of a 14-foot alligator.
Over the years the specifics change, as both building technology and seismic research advance, but the general principle endures: politics, technology, and science should work together to protect people's lives.
Lives of the Trees The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Spotlight: Life
As kids, we were all admonished to finish what's on our plate for the sake of those starving children in poor, faraway countries.
I started my career fighting to block unsafe oil drilling, so I find the spill unspeakably tragic.
FIELDWORK: Home, Sweet Home NRDC in the News
Clean-energy advocates and local citizens kill plans for a dirty power plant in the heart of coal country.
Keeping Us Safe from Toxic Chemicals Country's Vocal Advocate Drop by Drop China and Us