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Illustration for OnEarth by John Weber
A man, a plan, and the dawn of America's solar future.


What Alaska's Tundra is Teaching Scientists About Climate Change.
The rest of the developed world has high-speed rail. We don't. That's finally about to change.
The blueprint for an agricultural revolution (and a better burger).
Scientists have been working overtime to find safe ways of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide. What if the solution has been under our feet the whole time?
Q & A: Motown Blues New Jersey Cool Dirty Scoundrels Assisted Swimming Death Warmed Over
"Dear Landowner" the letter began. "As you may be aware, it is not necessary to have a large amount of acreage to profit from a gas unit...."
After three decades of fighting polluters, I thought I had witnessed every shameless tactic in the public relations playbook.
FIELDWORK: He's All a-Twitter NRDC in the News
In a Thursday morning last September, a group of environmental experts and government officials came together at the New York Mercantile Exchange in downtown Manhattan to witness a groundbreaking event.
Farewell to the Big Man Between the Lines: House Stimulus Bill Switchboard: Online News Analysis Bird Alert