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Nature & Wildlife

The new documentary 'ThuleTuvalu' shows how global warming is transforming lives on opposite sides of the planet.
When glaciers stop growing, they 'die,' but scientists recently discovered a glacier in Iceland where dead ice has risen again.
Ocean acidification could be the ultimate weight-loss plan for fish. And that’s not a good thing.
Should we fight climate change by paying rainforest farmers not to raze trees?
Not everyone was happy when wolves returned to Yellowstone (the deer, for one), but the place is better with them there.
After an abnormally calm September, storms Gonzalo, Fay, and Ana are bringing hurricane season back with a bang.
A new scientific model tracks trash from sea to shining sea.
INVASIVES WEEK: How have invasive species managed to throw Kauai’s five-million-year-old ecosystem into jeopardy in just 200 years? Simple: They’ve worked together.
INVASIVES WEEK: I did my thing for the environment by feasting on strange creatures at a weirdly delicious New Haven sushi restaurant.
INVASIVES WEEK: We took the mosquito fish to the river and dropped them in the water. Now, these little fish are making a big mess of freshwater ecosystems.
INVASIVES WEEK: Ravenous and hardy, green crabs are eating up Maine’s softshell clams. How did a crustacean no wider than a credit card get an entire state fishery in its pincers?
INVASIVES WEEK: Not the lobster! Alien green crabs are gobbling up Maine’s seafood industry.
Those aren’t tree zits. They’re an epidemic of tiny tree-sapping insects spread by climate change.
INVASIVES WEEK: We’ll never be able to eradicate our most damaging invasive species. But by invading them right back, we might be able to fight them to a draw.
Craft brewers unite to save beer's most important ingredient: water.
New research shows the oceans are warming faster than we thought. Surf and turf alike will feel the heat.