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Tag: Trains

Oregon officials are doing whatever they can to keep the details of crude-by-rail shipments secret from the public—and that includes not asking railroads about them.
As high-speed rail stalls in California, could the Lone Star State be poised to put the country’s first bullet train on track?
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Bus blues: Cities like Pittsburgh and Boston are having to make drastic cuts in bus and train service as the economic crisis continues to provide them with lower-than-expected tax revenues. For an extra dose of irony, these... read more >
Take that, Phelps: Polar bears can swim wicked far -- like, 30 miles is easy, and 96 miles is common. One female bear tracked by a USGS study swam nearly 220 miles over 10 days. Such marathon aquatic skills will come in... read more >
Cost of a fill-up: President Obama scoffed at claims that he actually wants to see gas prices rise and assured the country that his administration is reviewing options to keep prices at the pump from spiraling out of control... read more >
I love the bus. I ride the now famous one on which Matt Damon spills coffee on Emily Blunt in the new movie, Adjustment Bureau. It takes me a bit longer to get to work than it would if I took the subway but it’s above ground... read more >
Tired of all those wasted hours sitting bumper-to-bumper staring at "Road Work Ahead" signs? Here are some concrete paths to cleaner, safer, and faster travel.
The rest of the developed world has high-speed rail. We don't. But that's finally about to change.