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Tag: Technology

The view from the air puts it all in perspective.
Our technology-driven world demands that we do everything faster. But when we live slowly, we're rewarded with a deeper understanding of the real world—and our connection to it.
Suddenly, the champions of fuel-cell vehicles -- which would run on hydrogen and give off water vapor as exhaust -- don't appear to be living in the world of science fiction.
A new book explains why tinkering with animal genes makes us uneasy -- and why it may be necessary.
Our top picks: the best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web
Our tweets, "likes," emails, and digital photo albums have a bigger impact on the physical environment than you might think.
There are countless things we must still learn about the millions of creatures on earth -- including where the heck they all live.
Every Google search or Amazon purchase consumes power. Now Norwegian engineers hope to build the world's biggest, most energy-efficient data center -- hundreds of feet underground.
Five greenreads to discuss with mom over brunch and a bouquet.Michael Specter in The New Yorker on geo-engineering and climate change: After a volcano spewed tremendous amounts of sulfur dioxide in 1991, a mirror-like... read more >
Buzz kill: The killer whale is one of the most powerful predators in the world, but sometimes it’s no match for one very tiny foe: the mosquito. Two orcas, at two different SeaWorld locations, died after apparently catching... read more >
People spend a lot of time on Facebook -- comparing interests, sharing photos, stalking old high school crushes. Now they can also start seeing how their energy use stacks up against their friends' habits. The Social Energy... read more >
The data trail from our cell phones contains a treasure trove of digital information. Some of it could be lifesaving.
Scientists are finding that the high-resolution panoramic photos known as GigaPan images can open up strange new worlds.
When freshwater meets salt water, a power dynamic ensues. Blue Energy aims to harness it.
The popular app now features OnEarth stories and blog posts in its Science section.