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Tag: Sustainability

Professional race-car driver Leilani Munter refuses to slow down until she’s taken fans across the finish line—to a sustainable future.
A photographic exploration of OnEarth's 'Answers from the Past' month in the streets of New York City.
An Italian architect wants to bring nature to urbanites by putting maples and oaks on their high-rise balconies. Is it the future, or mere folly?
How fish nets -- the carpeting not the hosiery -- could be the next big thing in flooring.
The City of Angels has gone by a few other names: city of water theft, city of gridlock, city of sprawl. But the place where people have always gone to re-make themselves may finally be re-making itself.
Five greenreads that come in like a lion and go out like a lamb (or vice versa).
Memo to suburbanites: Don't believe the "Agenda 21" conspiracy theorists. Nobody's coming for your private property.
Five greenreads to keep an eye on, while the other eye scans the sky for crashing meteors.
The death toll rises, subway commuting resumes (sort of), and climate change basks in the spotlight (for now).
Greening its operations has been a slam dunk for the L.A.-based sports and entertainment giant.
Monsoon mayhem: A deadly monsoon has hit the Philippines, causing about 270,000 people to flee Manila and leaving 50 others dead. With more than half the city under as much as 10 feet of water, one disaster response official... read more >
Power droughtage: The United States is currently in the throes of its worst drought in over 60 years, but unless you’re a farmer, you may not be too distressed by the big dry. Until now: without water to cool off power... read more >
There’s a saying in Portuguese, one of the few that I know: Mais ou Menos. It means more or less. Brazilians often use the phrase when you ask them how they’re doing. Mais ou Menos: Good, more or less. Looking back, with the... read more >
Editor’s note: Correspondent Bob Keefe will provide agenda-setting tips and inside information for reporters and observers tracking the United Nations’ Rio+20 Earth Summit. Follow his dispatches and send him tips.“I just... read more >
On the eve of this month’s Rio+20 Earth Summit, NRDC’s co-founder and longtime president reflects on 40 years of international environmentalism.
The Seattle brewer got America hooked on Venti lattes. The problem: we’re also hooked on the paper cups they come in. Can Starbucks help its customers break the cup habit -- without losing them?