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Tag: Rainforest

Should we fight climate change by paying rainforest farmers not to raze trees?
More and more coffee beans are being grown under the sun (with lots of help from fertilizer and pesticides), casting a shadow on the whole industry.
Our top picks: today's environmental news and best #greenreads.
Five #greenreads to keep you busy while staying up to see if Santa really is a white guy.
Our top picks: today's environmental news and best #greenreads.
Our top picks: the best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web
The Forest Code: Sounds like a Hunger Games sequel, right? But actually it’s a sweeping piece of legislation that would open vast swaths of Amazonian rainforest to ranching and farming. (As you might guess, Big Ag is in... read more >
Costa Rican rainforests contain many wonders -- poisonous frogs, towering volcanoes, and miniature armies of leaf-cutter ants. But our tour guide mainly wanted to talk about laundry. Jim Damalas wasn’t just any tour guide.... read more >
Big budget day: President Obama will send his 2013 fiscal budget to Congress today. It's expected to contain funding for clean energy and environmental programs, which will almost certainly face adversity from Congressional... read more >
Pulling up stakes: Last year’s historic drought forced some of the last remaining Texas cattle ranchers to abandon their home on the range and drive their herds north to greener pastures -- and in some cases, even south of... read more >
A cursory glance around the jungle and it’s difficult to tell where you are -- at least to my untrained eye. Costa Rica and the Amazon are the only points of reference I have, but to me, a rainforest in Costa Rica could just... read more >
The Central American destination offers examples of both the best in sustainable tourism and what could replace it. Our correspondent turns her family vacation into a learning experience.
Q&A with Amanda Maxwell, an advocate in NRDC's international program, focusing on wildlife protection and clean energy development in Latin America.
We all know that many organic grocers in the US have identified some great fair-trade and pesticide-free suppliers overseas, Whole Foods being one of them. But did you know that they get their bananas from a university farm... read more >