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Tag: Phosphorus

Agriculture runoff is choking Lake Erie. Are lawmakers finally ready to tell farmers to knock it off?
In August, OnEarth ran a shocking article by Barry Yeoman about the spread of blue-green algae that is threatening to choke the life out of Lake Erie. It's an informative and truly sobering account of how the most fertile of... read more >
Deadly algae and invasive species are choking the life out of Lake Erie. It recovered from near-death 40 years ago, but the regulations that helped save it last time are under increasing attack.
With much excitement, NASA announced the discovery of a bacterium, scraped from the bottom of California’s Mono Lake, that can thrive on highly toxic arsenic in place of phosphorus. The discovery would seem to widen the door... read more >
The world's food supply depends on fertilizers made from phosphate mined from the earth. Demand is growing. Supplies are finite. What happens when we run out?