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Tag: Pets

If we ban plastic bags, some dog owners ask, how will we scoop up after Fido? So let's give them better options.
Our top picks: the best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web.
Five greenreads to wash down with copious amounts of Guinness and worrying amounts of green food coloring.
Spending your day wandering around the garden and sleeping on the couch isn't as safe as it sounds.
Take a deep breath: Each year, the Earth takes a breath. In the spring, the planet inhales, as new leaves are made and take up CO2. In the fall, leaves die and fall off the trees, giving off CO2 as they decompose (that's the... read more >
Five greenreads to read by the light of a supermoon.Justin Gillis in the New York Times on cloudy skies and climate denial: Climate change deniers are looking to the clouds for an argument against curbing our fossil-fuel... read more >
How do flea collars put millions of children in harm's way?
On a trip to Ranthambore National Park in northern India, I was able to speak with Belinda Wright, longtime conservationist and champion of tigers in India.One thing she said really stuck with me - that there "doesn't... read more >
George Black reviews Made for Each Other
Do we really need to wage chemical warfare in our homes and on our pets against pests? Learn about some alternatives.