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Tag: Lighting

LEDs could help slow global warming and educate the developing world. Now that's worth a Nobel Prize.
Efficiency is a generally considered a good thing. Good politics. Good business. That’s why efforts from national mileage standards for cars to rules requiring your refrigerator to use less energy have proven popular and... read more >
Artificial illumination at night takes its toll on the natural world. We need to find a way to curb its effects.
How to use energy efficient design, from well-placed mirrors to fresh coats of paint, as alternative ways to shed light in your home.
NRDC's Noah Horowitz discusses lighting efficiency, the L Prize, and why so many of our favorite home electronics are energy hogs.
Ten million dollars for a lightbulb? That’s what the government is willing to pay to find something cheaper and better for your desk lamp.
I'll confess right now that I get the warm fuzzies just walking past a library, so the opening of a brand-new branch of the New York Public Library in itself is enough to thrill me. What's even more exciting about NYPL's new... read more >
“What? I’m not going without overhead lights for the rest of the week, you crazy hippy!” Admittedly, Seattle is dark this time of year, but really?  Is Greg truly more attached to overhead lighting than he is to video games... read more >