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Tag: Lead

Are you trimming the tree with a potential hazard to your child's health?
We’ve known for years that lead seriously impairs early childhood development. Now scientists are finding that our kids’ brains are at risk from a barrage of other common chemicals.
Don't pucker up with poisons. A recent study has found lead, aluminum, and cadmium in many lipsticks on the market.
On the defensive: In the wake of the conservative government's recent call to shut down a federally funded environmental research group, Peter Kent, the minister of Environment Canada, told opposition MPs that the... read more >
Containment efforts: As more than 100 leaked documents threaten to further discredit the industry-funded climate-denial machine, the Heartland Institute has threatened to sue journalists and bloggers for publishing the right... read more >
If you are wishing for some good news out of Washington, here's something: the Obama administration just issued tough new rules curbing mercury and other poisons emitted by coal-fired utilities this week. For the first time... read more >
A New York State law that forbids discarding rechargeable batteries with household waste took effect this week. The law also requires any retailer that sells rechargeables (as part of a device or as a stand-alone) weighing... read more >