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Tag: Kids

Nature schools are helping make outdoor play a priority for a generation of kids suffering from nature-deficit disorder.
Are you raising 'Generation Toxic?' Here’s how to keep your kids safe from some of the worst chemicals that could damage their development.
An elementary school in Berkeley, California, is helping kids move away from their computer screens and into nature by participating in the green schoolyard initiative.
Boredom and bullies: That’s what environmental planner Sharon Danks sees in today’s schoolyards. But in San Francisco, she’s bringing the fun back by reconnecting kids with nature.
Here's how to single-handedly save the planet from climate change -- and it's fun!
Written by Gary Braasch and Lynne Cherry Are your children asking you about global climate change and wondering what they can do to help the polar bears?  Are they feeling sad and scared?  How can you comfort them, answer... read more >